Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Rhubarb Rhubarb

Yes, I planted a crown of rhubarb which my nan kindly bought for me. Dug it in with the trustee soil improver, bonemeal and calcified seaweed, then covered it with mulch and finally sand to ward off the slugs, though I am not sure that they like rhubarb. I planted it next to the rose - all the digging in and mulching will benefit it too. Bargain. Topped it off with the old bucket trick, just to see if it works (and because my nan is impatient!)

Yesterday I dug out some old compost and filled a couple of window boxes which I plan to grow lettuce and salad leaves in. I put them up in a sunny spot, taking care to level them up against each other but...well quite frankly I don't know what went wrong...

The compost I dug out was sited on a heap I inherited when I moved here. Strangely there is a pipe coming out of the ground at one end of it. I assume this is some sort of ventilation shaft, but it is a little odd.

Meanwhile, some of the broad beans are thinking about putting in an appearance, though by the looks of they are still in two minds.

I was amazed to see today that the carrots sown only a couple of days ago are starting to come up. I put a cover over them for tonight's frost
The cabbage and cauli seedlings spent their first night outdoors last night and looked well for it, so they are staying out now (I have been hardening them off over the past week or so). They are also covered up tonight.
Indoors I sowed some basil today, and almost all of the other seeds sown have now come up, including the courgette.
I am impatient to sow the beans - runner and berlotti - but am going to wait until at least mid month.

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