Wednesday, 25 April 2007

A Couple Of Great Finds

It might look like a load of old tat, but it was just what I was looking for. Spotted the window boxes outside someone's house around the corner - they had been left by the bins. I needed some wood to hold up the raised beds, so I knocked the door. The owner was happy for me to take them, as the refuse collectors had left them behind. They are massive - over five feet long. Trouble is, they have a certain charm about them - looks like they are made from old packing cases. I've been trying to work out where I could use them for planting, but basically there isn't a good place for them in my garden, and I find I keep putting off taking them apart!

The metal structure is part of a bed frame - I picked up two of them, again left out with the rubbish, on my way home from work. They are perfect for keeping the cats off freshly dug beds. I put this one to use immediately. I planted onion sets and sowed parsnip seeds beneath it.

Indoors I sowed some globe artichokes last week - they came up in a couple of days. I put two butternut squashes in the propagator over the weekend - no sign of them yet. And today was the long awaited day - I have sown the first of the runner beans. I put them in pots, as otherwise the slugs will have them as they come up. I'm trying the variety Wisley Magic for starters - I have a few more varieties at the ready for a bit later in the year.

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