Sunday, 8 April 2007

Make Your Own Strawberry Planter

Cost - 1 Pound

Time - Less than 1 hour

Difficulty rating - Easy!
Materials - 1 pop up bin bought from Tesco ( 2 for 2 pounds, reduced), soil from garden, bit o' this, bit o' that (compost, bonemeal, sand etc to mix in), strawberry plants (from garden).

Bish bash bosh, work it out as you go along - not very complicated....Job's a good 'un....Holds nine plants, no problem

And now that's a whole border freed up for other things.


Liz said...

THANK YOU. Have been looking at ways to make a strawberry planter with my daughter who has just ordered 10 plants...rather than go out and buy one. One frugal site asked for payment for the information...makes it hard when the idea is to recycle and reuse and be frugal too!

Gee W said...

Yes, really any container will do as long as you can make holes in the sides. I found the plants grew better in the container (probably better soil) and I got to eat more strawberries before the slugs got them!
Glad you passed by, anyway. Thanks for leaving a comment,

Isma said...

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