Saturday, 31 March 2007

The peas have split

I didn't spot them at first look, in fact I only spotted them at all after noticing that the garden saboteurs (that's the cats) had been busy along the pea rows. So while removing the said deposits, that's when I noticed that the peas are finally coming through.
Still no broads though - not even a bean (sorry!)
Meanwhile the garlic is doing well - the ones I planted early March are looking much healthier than the ones that overwintered. And the apple buds are starting to resemble leaves.
Things are warming up then.
Indoors two out of three pepper plants are up, the cherry tomatoes are doing fine, along with various cabbage seedlings and a few cauli's which I am gradually hardening off, and the aubergines are growing... but ever so slowly. I put them outside for a few hours of sunshine the other day but after an hour I noticed they had all fallen over in shock - they'll be staying for the foreseable future.
I have seeded about four or five other varieties of tomato; plum, beefsteak, stripey etc but they are not up yet, and neither is the courgette.

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