Saturday, 22 December 2007

Guilt Free Pot Grown Christmas Tree

I managed to heave the christmas tree indoors today. It's looking a little straggly this year - it's seven feet tall now and will have to be planted out after christmas. I've repotted it several times in the five years I've had it and it's roughly doubed in size since then. It's in the largest pot I could find for it, and it was difficult to get it through the doorways because it's so tall. I'm pleased it's lasted so well, and it'll be nice to see it in the ground next year.
Before this one, I'd bought several potted trees but they always died after being planted out in the new year. The difference is that this one was grown in it's pot (I bought it from a garden centre) instead of being dug up and stuck in one. I'm slightly worried that it might grow huge when it's planted out, so it's gonna have to go a long way from the house.

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Wormery moved into the Warm

I should have done it about a month ago, but at last I've managed to move the wormery into the shed before it gets any colder out there. I hauled it over by adding some shredded newspaper and giving it a good stir up. The worms seem to be thriving - there are hundreds of 'em, young and old, all eating and presumably breeding like rabbits. They're still producing plenty of liquid feed too - I don't really know what to to with it at this time of year (it only keeps a few months) so have been adding it to the garden, though watering is the last thing the garden needs right now.