Sunday, 25 February 2007

Rainy Days

In between rain showers yesterday I pruned the woody shrubs in the garden and also the bay tree and solitary rose bush. Evicted the opportunist brambles trying to move in from next door and had a general tidy up.
When rain stopped play I recovered the propagator from my shed and sowed the first round of seeds - Black Cherry tomato, Greyhound cabbage and Avalanche cauliflower.
This morning the rain cleared for a while but the near gale force winds drove me back to the house within minutes. Sometimes I wish I lived somewhere a little less exposed. I am now trying to work some wind breaks into this year's garden plan.

Friday, 23 February 2007

My first post!

I was hoping to get this done before another day passed - and here I am at three minutes to midnight in a race against the clock. So my first post will be brief then, but at least I won't be a newbie blogger anymore!
Welcome then, to the newest garden blog on the plot.
If by chance you have visited - do say hello with a comment.

Oops there goes midnight.

So now for the why's and wherefores
I am the enthusiastic keeper of a small veg patch at the top end of my steep Welsh garden. Right now, it's not a pretty sight - looking a bit messy and really rather muddy. I reclaimed the space last year after it had become over-run by weeds and brambles from next door's garden. So last summer I ate from the garden till late October. This year, with biggger and better plans I am hoping to over-winter some greens, for an all year round supply.