Saturday, 14 April 2007

Haircuts All Round And Dinner From The Garden

Can it get any better?

Cut the chives last night, then got a haircut myself this afternoon - both short and choppy,it occurs to me the cuts are not dissimilar, though I think mine is a little shorter.

The cut chives provided the first edibles from the garden this year, so I made myself a lil' first and last dinner, with the last being the very last of last year's butternut squash. Very nice it was, too. Just after I took the photo I wished I'd used a slightly more this century plate!

One of the redcurrant bushes has been in flower for a few days now, and the other is just coming into bloom.

I planted out my biggest tomato plant today. I bought this one, just to get some early fruits. It's called Tumbler, though you wouldn't know it, as yet. I guess it will tumble when the fruits grow. It's already in flower. I'm protecting it with some frost fleece at night. I had to plant it out, as it's growing so fast.

Spurred on by noticing that some Gladioli have come up, I decided to put some effort into prettying up the garden - something I hardly ever do, being completely obsessed with functionality. I moved some wild primroses from under a shrub to put them in a more prominent position. I'd forgotten that this lovely stone semi-circle was there - that's how long it has been overgrown. I dug out the couch grass from inside and around it, took out lots of stones and replenished the soil with compost etc. There were so many primroses that I left a big clump under the shrub, filled the semi-circle and put more in other spots around the garden. They looked a bit straggly after transplanting, but hopefully they will perk up in the next couple of days. I sowed some dill behind them, (hence the sticks to keep the cats off), though it may be a little early to sow it outdoors.

I took some spagnum moss off the wall to use in the bottom of the tomato planter - to retain water. I love the fact that it grows in the garden, so I don't have to buy it.

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