Friday, 23 March 2007

Wired for Sound

At last the stormy weather has eased up so Igot to spend the whole afternoon in the garden. First up I put in some outdoor speakers (a new variety that doesn't need watering, and apparently can survivie anywhere).

They are quite space age to look at - ridiculously out of place in my ramshackle back garden. But it's great to have some music out there. Today I mostly listened to the Guillemots (that's the band, not the bird).

I have started trenching the second bean trench - half done and the rest dug over and weeded. I am starting to feel like I'm finally getting somewhere with it all. No sign of the peas or the broad beans yet but the garlic is doing very well.

I sowed a small drill of beetroot today - squashed in behind the compost bin and the bamboo. I was glad to use up the little space - I don't want much beetroot anyway -I don't like it myself, am only growing a bit for my nan! In case the cold returns I covered it with some old window frames.

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