Wednesday, 23 May 2007

It looked like Spiderwoman had visited the garden

...which would have saved me the effort of making the cucumber frame.

I planted out said cucumber about five days ago. It's doing OK, though looking slightly frayed at the edges, from the cold nights!

I've been steadily planting out the runner beans a few at a time and have put the Borlotti beans in the earth too. So far, at least they are all untroubled by slugs and snails, or at least the barrier of plastic collars and bits of copper pipe around the plants is working. Elsewhere in the garden the same slugs and snails are on the rampage - even having a nibble at tomatoes, shallots and garlic, which they usually leave in peace.


Matron said...

What an excellent spider web! I have planted a cucumber arch on my allotment, you have given me ideas on how to keep them entertained. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I think spiderwoman is a perfect description of this masterpiece, although i think she did much better things with her powers than make cucumbers, which in my opinion is the most over-rated veg in gardening community.