Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Beans, beans and more beans

Definitely the most fun plants to grow. This year I am branching out from my favourite runners. It's the first time I've grown broad beans - they are at last growing now, but they still seem hard work. I'm also giving Borlotti beans a go - these are a lot more entertaining, quick to germinate and more like sprinters than marathon runners.

From the top, Borlotti Nano, one and then three days old ( I couldn't believe it - they are supposed to be the small variety), and below, Borlotti Rampicante, which apparently will grow 12 to 18 feet high. I loved the shape - like a dragon's head.
I planted the nanos out a couple of days ago - I've grown three of them - now I'm wondering if that's enough -so have sown one more (space is limited!). Yesterday I planted out two of the runner beans (as a test run). They are still there today and have not been eaten, which is more than can be said for the peas, which have now been pretty much devestated by giant snails. I put the runners out with collars made from old water bottles - it gives them protection while they are young. I also had some old copper piping so put that round them too, as it's the best thing for keeping those snails away. Shame it's gone up in price so much recently.

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