Friday, 27 March 2009

Make a Potato Planter (or two)

It was one of those ideas that just sprung to mind and I knew it was a good one. Thanks to Sue who left a comment about making strawberry planters from an old composting bin, she started this train of thought. It was perfect - I had threee compost bins and only ever use two. All it took was a stanley knife and about twenty minutes to cut the bin in half. Two potato planters, no cost, no waste and they are easy to keep the cats off too. How's that for recycling!


Dafydd said...

Ideas like this certainly get us thinking about what we throw out and what can be recycled. If we step back, look beyond the redundant item, open our minds to the possibilities of it's further use then, the cost in every respect of it's production will be worth it, if it's life is prolonged and not just discarded to a land fill site!
What about old plastic drums, heavy duty polywhatsit sacks, car tyres (for spuds - two to start, then a third to mound up!)etc, etc!
Got you thinking? go on expand the mind and increase your production!

Anonymous said...
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